Kesler Custom Knives
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Ordering A Kesler Custom Knife
The easiest way to get your knife started is to take a look at our pages showing the various blade designs and materials.    We will try to keep the product page updated with the currently available product. The New Zealand wood inventory is quite variable and in some cases may take quite a while to import. Always worth the wait. The Dymondwood and other synthetic product is always readily available.  These are durable and beautiful materials.   If you have an idea for another specific handle material let us know and we will do our best to get it as soon as possible.  

     With the premade blades we can get just about any shape and size to finish with our various handle materials.  The new forge is being built so right now we have a limited amount of steel we are working into fully custom blades.   We can certainly get an order in for later in the year when we are able to increase production.  For now if you want a very nice knife and sheath combo the premade blades we get are wonderful and will be worked into a one of a kind knife.  

    When you are ready to get an order in the best option is to send us a message or e-mail with a description of the knife you want made.  We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the shapes, sizes, and materials available.  Our past customers know that we ask a LOT of questions to make sure you get what you want.  We are a small family operation that likes to keep our interaction with you personal.   

​                                                           Pricing
    The prices on our knives is quite variable based on the blade size and shape, steel quality, handle material and detail work.    The following are some sample prices for products we have sold in the past. These are samples ONLY.  Your price will vary depending on what you want for your unique blade.  Keep in mind that these prices do NOT include the custom sheath.  Customers almost always order a sheath to go with the knife and that will usually add $30-$50 to the order.  See the sheath page for more details.  Our knife sheaths that are not custom made are included in the price of the knife.

Hunting blade with 5,000 year old New Zealand Kauri wood.  $375
440-C steel hunting blade with multiple colored fantasy marble handle. Brass spacers and mosaic pins.  $375
Green River style Belt Blade with New Zealand Rewarewa wood.  With mosaic pins.   $75
Hunting blade with Winewood Dymondwood handle and mosaic pins.  Super sturdy knife.   $125
Beautiful 440-C blade with a very cool pattern of NZ Swamp Kauri.  Very rare cut of wood here.  $425   See the custom sheath that went with it below.