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Custom Leather Sheaths
     At Kesler Custom Knives we believe that your custom blade be given a great home.  Having done leatherwork for 35 years we felt that the natural progression of the knife construction ends with a CUSTOM sheath.  We hand pick whole tanned hides, custom cut for multiple layers of construction so your blade will never work itself into the stitching, and either double or triple hand stitched. The center section is fitted for each blade so it will stay firmly in the sheath. We custom stamp various patterns into the leather to your liking.  The final step of sealing and staining can be done with a wide variety of available stains, sealers and oils.  
     We know that everyone likes their knife to hang on the belt differently.  Your custom sheath will be fit either right or left handed with the belt attachment being done as a loop, or flush.  Check out some of the photos below to get a general idea of sheath styles available.  As always we can work on a unique design.  Keep in mind that we make sheaths to protect and carry your knife with functionality in mind.  We like it simple and tough to last several lifetimes.  
This is our Kauri Blade in a super sturdy loop style sheath.  This one was done slightly oversize for better blade protection.  Triple stitched with a light stain/sealer.  
This is our Belt Blade in a super sturdy flush style sheath.  The leather folds over to protect the handle and is oriented to keep from coming open bashing through the woods.  3 layers of leather, double stitched, with a flush belt attachment.  This sheath fits snug against the hip and is just bulletproof.  The belt loop can be sized for any belt width.   (I used that knife to field dress a nice cow elk last fall.  This knife did it ALL)
Our stainless steel fillet knife with a great NZ Totara handle in its custom sheath.  This is a fold over design, double stitched with  a loop style belt holder.  Simple and tough.   
This knife and sheath were made for a High School graduation present.  Best gift EVER! 

Folding snap sheath for the       skinner/guthook blade.