Kesler Custom Knives
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      At Kesler Custom Knives we strive to achieve the highest in customer satisfaction. Our commitment is to make you a knife and sheath that will last for generations.   We take our time to put together your knife and sheath in a slow, methodical, high quality manner. We will NEVER hurry the process. The wait is ALWAYS worth it.  Depending on other commitments, the number of orders we are undertaking at the time and the requirements for your knife it may take up to twelve weeks to complete. We will endeavor to keep you updated as to what stage of construction your knife is at and  when you can expect your knife to arrive.  
     Certain handle material may be unavailable at certain times and it is entirely possible we may run out of some of the rarer New Zealand woods and may not get it back in stock for a very long time. When ordering we suggest you have ideas ready for your knife so we can inform you of the availability and then you can make your selection. We will strive to keep this website as up to date as possible however this may not always be possible.
 We will ship your completed product in a securely padded and sealed box.  Fully insured shipping via the USPS is our most common method.  UPS and FEDEX are always available. We will use the most economical rates used by these shippers.  If you live in the Windsor, Colorado area you can always stop by and pick up your knife in person.  Gunnison, Colorado is another option as R&D guy John is going to Western State University and we can get to him to deliver your products. 
 Our products are guaranteed for life.  If anything breaks or comes apart we will repair or replace it.  This guarantee does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage caused by using your knife for anything other than as a cutting tool.  Any other use is at your discretion and will NOT be covered under our guarantee.  Take care of your product and use it ONLY as a hand held cutting tool.  

     In keeping with the modern era and to simplify out payment processing and to protect you as a consumer we run all of our payments through the SQUARE or PAYPAL payment processing service.  This allows our customers to pay via Paypal account, credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.  Payment is due prior to shipping.   You will receive a SQUARE or Paypal invoice.
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