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NZ Swamp Kauri wood on 440-C blade.
Skinner/Guthook with Winewood Dymondwood handle and birds-eye pins.
NZ Totara wood handle fillet knife.  Nice mosaic pins with the hollow perimeter pins. See the close up below.
The final knife of the Red White and Blue synthetic marble set.  This looks great.  Always available by itself. Take a look at the other similar knives on the Synthetics Knife page.
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Some pics of JB with the new brake drum forge. Super efficient and super inexpensive to make.  Great job JB!
JB trying out the new propane forge.  Super fast startup time.  He likes it.
Our set of knives we did as a Christmas gift for the neighbors Grandsons.
One of our new custom blades made with super hard spring steel. Swamp Kauri handle with mosaic pins.    02/05/2015
The latest hand forged and ground blade. Spring steel for the blade and some AMAZING NZ Swamp Kauri wood on the handle.  
Custom spacer and bolster make this one really nice.  
The custom sheath is a nice add on for this one.