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John's Hand Forged Knives

Here are the amazing blades that John has turned out of the forge.   Check our For Sale page to see if any are still available.  John loves cranking out big, strong hard working blades with the handles made out of our selection of AMAZING New Zealand woods!  He is branching out and using all kinds of metals including spring steel, saw blades, files, and really old plow shares.   He has a custom sheath made for all his blades. Great knives here!!

My blades are forged from various steels and heat treated to harden and increase blade retention and durability. If you can dream it I can make it. The time to make may take longer than some other Knives as it takes to more time to design it to your specifications, properly grind the blade, heat treat and make a sheath to fit and accounting for complications in any of the processes. I promise to keep you apprised of the progress and ask plenty of questions to keep with your ideas along the way. Prices will vary depending on the amount of steel required, handle material,  time it takes to properly grind and heat treat as well as any design work specified on the sheath. Patience is appreciated in this process and I will endeavor to make your custom blade to your every specification. Shown below are some of the blades I have recently created. I will post the latest projects here as soon as they are made. - JK
Clip point Bowie with a nickel silver guard. Handle is a dark Rewa rewa (New Zealand honeysuckle) with mosaic pins. 
Parang style bowie with nickel silver guard. Handle is 45k year old Swamp Kauri and birds eye rivets. Blade has a camouflage pattern patina. 
Short tanto style blade. Handle is stained Totara with double brass bolsters. Tiger stripe pattern patina.
​Hunting/Skinning blade. Nickel silver guard. Light Totara handle with four nickel silver pins and lanyard hole.
Hunting blade. Totara handle with mosaic pins.
Dagger forged from a file. Brass guard and end caps. Stacked leather and antler handle.
Hunting/Combat style blade. Nickel silver guard. White Marie (pronunced Ma-Rhee) handle with mosaic pins. 
First knives I ever forged solo. As you can see from the other knives above I have come a very long way. 
Neck knife. Very easy to make. Can be made in any shape or configuration.